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Volume 43. Issue #282


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1. Tokyo Journal Editorial (二ヵ国語)
Inside this issue
15. Olympic Gold Medalist Ryo Kiyuna
Calmness and gratitude
2. YOSHIKI Makes History in Hollywood (二ヵ国語)
Immortalized at TCL Chinese Theatre
16. Karate Master Tomohiro Arashiro
Helping to introduce karate to the U.S.
3. Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri (二ヵ国語)
Osaka’s thrilling festival
17.Grandmaster Minobu Miki
1st person outside Japan with 8th-Degree Black Belt
4. Hotels in the Kansai Region (二ヵ国語)
Easy access to the Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri
18. Fumio Demura (1938-2023)
A martial arts legend remembered
5. Konamon (二ヵ国語)
Kansai’s tasty cuisine
19. Opportunity Called “Difficulty” (二ヵ国語)
Zen wind from Tasaka Juku
6. Takoyaki Recipe
Yumiko’s homecooking
20. Photographer Hiroyuki Suzuki
Inspiring beauty within bleak realities
7. Squid Pasta with Light Garlic Sauce
Acclaimed Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s recipe
21. Hotels on the U.S. East Coast
Washington, D.C., New York, Philadelphia, Boston & Montreal hotels
8. Sake vs. Wine
Fundamentals of food pairings
22. Actor Yuya Yagira
From Cannes Best Actor winner to Disney+ horror sensation
9.Japan’s Kanzume Culture (二ヵ国語)
Canned food is no longer simple stock food
23. Miho Hazama
Grammy-nominated composer on tour
High-end suit brand & Japanese-French restaurant
24. American Idol Alum Ava August
The next stage in her career
11. Japan’s Adaptive Fashion(二ヵ国語)
Current trends on the catwalk
25. Travel to Hollywood with Diamond Yukai
Celebrity hotel review
12. Actor Shin Koyamada
The way of life through karate
26. Tokyo Pop Pops in 4K
Bubble-era Tokyo’s pop culture
13. Elisa Au
Three-time World Karate Champion
27. The Bay City Rollers in Japan
Bob Gruen’s photo retrospective
14. U.S. Karate Olympian Sakura Kokumai
From the karate dojo to the Tokyo Olympics
28. Plus-Size Beauty Icon Yumi Nu
Revamping Japan’s beauty standards


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Volume 42. Issue #281


Please click here for PDF file of actual Table of Contents 

1. Tokyo Journal Editorial (二ヵ国語)
Inside this issue
13. Mizuhiki (二ヵ国語)
Handcrafting rope with a wish for your gift
2. Onbashira (二ヵ国語)
The most dangerous festival in Japan
14. Pritzker Laureate Shigeru Ban
A humanitarian architect
3. Nagano Nostalgia
Historian Peters Grilli recounts his travels
15. Two Stonecutters (二ヵ国語)
Zen wind from Tasaka Juku
4. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (二ヵ国語)
Queen of kawaii headlines Coachella in California
16. Philip Kotler, the Father of Marketing
Marketing master shares his insight
5. Shohei Ohtani (二ヵ国語)
Japan’s gift to America
17. Mixed Methods Research Pioneer
Dr. John Creswell blazing new trails in research
6. The Westin Anaheim Resort
Look into Disneyland from this 4-star resort
18. More Travels with Tani
The late Donald Richie’s travels to Sado
7. Gastronomic Sake
Cuisine compatibility
19. Great Japanese Hotels to Visit After COVID-19 (二ヵ国語)
Travel destinations that opened during the pandemic
8. Nobu Sashimi Salad with Matsuhisa Dressing
Acclaimed Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s recipe
20. International Art Contest (二ヵ国語)
Japanese college art on display in Santa Monica, California
9. Sticky Ribs
Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s recipe
21. Mondo Grosso
DJ Shinichi Osawa collabs with Ryuichi Sakamoto & more
10. Michelin-Starred Sushi Kimura
Singapore’s sushi chef Tomoo Kimura
22. I Love Dance (二ヵ国語)
Fashion designer Junko Koshino’s ode to dance
11. Ponzu (二ヵ国語)
The tangy sauce and its unique ingredients
23. Tokyo Pop and Carrie Hamilton
Legendary photographer Bob Gruen’s Japan pics
12. Yakisoba
Home cooking recipe for stir-fried noodles
24. Putting on a Happy Face (二ヵ国語)
Japanese music fans discover Jagwar Twin


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Saturday, 24 October 2015 00:00

Father of Sign Gene

Written by

This Archived Article is taken from the Summer 2009 Issue #267

Father of Sign Gene

Another Sound of Silence

Words by Eija Niskanen
Photos by Daniel Goertz

EMILIO INSOLERA BELONGS to that rare Edemographic which sees himself referred to as a 'TCK'-that is, a 'transcultural kid', to you and I. Osaka is where he has laid his hat and now calls home, and it is from here that he is currently working on his latest independent action film: Sign Gene. Though Insolera's latest project may feature martial arts, yakuza fistfights and even the odd helicopter chase, central to its core will be the emphasis on deaf issues and Sign language. Indeed, the movie's biggest departure is the language in which it is directed: Sign language - or, more accurately, in one of several existing Sign languages.

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Crossword Puzzle: Issue #270

Places and Landmarks in Tokyo

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Please Note:

The question for 30 ACROSS was created in error. It should have read, "One of Tokyo's 23 wards, this place was the first post-town a traveler would reach after setting out from Nihonbashi on the Tokkaido Highway from Edo to Kyoto"




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