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  • Spider-Man Creator Stan Lee
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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Japan's Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, the Queen of Kawaii Interview by Anthony Al-Jamie Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has caused a revolution in the J-pop world ...


Caroll Spinney

The Man Behind Sesame Street’s Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch “I Am Big Bird” screened at the 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival. Tokyo Journal ...


Sebastian Masuda

Ambassador of Kawaii Interview by Anthony Al-Jamie Fashion, art exhibition, music video, and even Christmas tree designer, Sebastian Masud...


Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Cuba Gooding, Jr. Academy Award Winning Actor Expands his Creative Boundaries With his mother being a singer with the Sweethearts and his f...


Doing Business in the U.S. and Japan

CEO in Focus Clarion Corporation of America Paul Lachner, President TJ: Have you noticed any difference in the corporate cultures or mana...


Overnight Sensation

Overnight Sensation Anthony Bourdain's Culinary Quest Crosses Cultures Chef, TV host and author Anthony Bourdain began his culinary career...


Welcome to Tokyo Journal's English Club!

Improve your English with TJ!

東京ジャーナルのイングリッシュ・クラブへようこそ!英語を勉強したいみなさんのオンラインコミュニティーです。 ...

Japanese Test of Communication Practice Quiz

Test your Japanese!

The Japanese Test of Communication (JTOC) - pronounced "Jay-talk" is a 200-question Japanese language proficiency exam.                     ...


Spider-Man Creator Stan Lee

Spider-Man Creator Stan Lee The Marvel of Comic Books and his POW!erful Partner Gill Champion Stan Lee is the man behind some of the world...



Hanjo German Photographer, Yoram Roth, Pays Tribute to Yukio Mishima’s Noh Opera Adaptation A sullen geisha sitting alone at a station, Ha...


Travel to the U.S.A.

Travel to the U.S.A. Universal Studios, Hollywood, Scottsdale & New Orleans TJ’s hotel reviewers headed to California, Arizona and Lou...



Tokyo Journal looks at the future of e-books and raises the question of whether e-books are worth the paper they are not printed on. Famous...


Fashion Designer

Junko Koshino

Fashion Design by Junko Koshino Tokyo's Fashion Queen and Tony Award-nominee Junko Koshino, renowned for her cutting edge clothes, costume ...



Time-Outs Parents have long used “time-outs” as a technique to stop unacceptable behavior; however, time-outs are not just an effective pun...


You never know...

You Never Know.... How often do you let people just pass through your life without much notice? Shared time can be anything from a moment, ...

Yoga Lifestyle

Yoga & Wellness Advocate

Yoga & Wellness Advocate JUDIT TOROK A regular visitor to Tokyo, New York City- based yoga instructor and interculturalist Judit Torok...

Japanese Business Expert

Who owns the corporation?

Who owns the corporation? Former Accenture Chairman Masakatsu Mori shares his 30 years of experience in advising many of Japan’s leading co...


Through the Eyes of Yankelovich

Through the Eyes of Yankelovich Tokyo 5 In the coming months, people in America and Japan should expect a lot of discussion on a topic tha...

Haitian Culture & Politics

Léonce of Dame-Marie, Haiti

Léonce of Dame-Marie,Haiti: A True Free Man Something from the ocean, something from the hills By Marcel DuretCo-author: Kettly Mars It ...

Music Gallery

KISS Retrospective

KISS Retrospective On Tour with Bob Gruen I STARTED working with KISS in 1973 when they signed with Buddah Records, a company I had worked...

Language & Education

My Language Creates Me

My Language Creates Me By David Nunan I’VE never met Costica Bradatan, but I would like to. I recently came across a newspaper article he ...

Tokyo Photography

Moments in Construction

Moments in Construction by H. Suzuki TJ: Can you describe the process of taking photographs at a construction site? SUZUKI: Shooting in ...

Translation & Subtitling

Natsuko Toda

Movie Subtitling with Natsuko Toda Interview series with Japan’s most renowned translator of foreign films and interpreter for Hollywood st...

Strategist & Nuclear Expert

Capitalist Societies in the Future

What Will Happen in Capitalist Societies in the Future? Dialogue on the Future of Modern Civilization Human Society is Developing Dialecti...


Editorial Features & Reviews

Fumiko Hayashi

Leading a Revolution in Equality & Sustainability Yokohama Mayor Fumiko Hayashi Sets her Sights on Making Yokohama the Most Progressive...

Movie, Music & Entertainment

Hatsune Miku

Virtual Singer Hatsune Miku The World’s Leading Vocaloid Opens for Lady Gaga Japan’s top superstar with more fans on the Internet than any...

Tokyo Street Fashion

Tokyo Street Fashion/Harajuku

Tokyo Journal Street Photographer Malgorzata Dittmar hits the streets with her lens to see what's hot in Harajuku The complete article can ...

Photo Gallery

New Year’s in Kyoto

New Year's in Kyoto ...

Editorial Features & Reviews

After the Inferno

After the Inferno by Donald Richie In this installment of a series, Donald Richie recalls a poignant post-war moment with Nobel Prize-winn...

Editor's Insight


Buddhism Interview with Philosopher Dr. Hiroshi Tasaka TJ: How do you define Buddhism? TASAKA: Buddhism is a kind of “cosmology” that can...

Tokyo Time Warp

Time Warp

Time Warp Nijubashi, Imperial Palace AMONG the most photographed spots in Tokyo is the entrance to the Imperial Palace. Every day thousand...

Editor's Insight

Garrity's Japan

Editor’s Insight Garrity’s Japan The Open Road The following is a continuation of Robert Garrity’s story describing his walk across Japan...


Paul Tange

Genius is in the Genes Interview with Tange Associates President Paul Noritaka Tange SEPTEMBER 4, 2013 marked 100 years since the birth of...

Living Legend

Yoko Ono

Tokyo Journal’s Exclusive Interview with Yoko Ono on the 33rd Anniversary of John Lennon’s Death Interview by Anthony Al-Jamie Why is Yoko...

Celebrity Showcase

Performer Yusuke Onuki

Performer Yusuke Onuki Reflecting on Dorian Gray, Dancing, Singing and Acting Photo courtesy of HoriPro Interview by Miyuki Kawai TJ: How...

TJ Business Expert

Japan and Globalization

Japan and Globalization English: The Global Language of Business Interview with Yukuo Takenaka TJ: How important is it for Japan’s future ...

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