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Hikari Takara Movie photo © "Innocent Lilies" student council

Hikari Takara co-stars in “Innocent Lilies”

Seventeen-year-old Hikari Takara, who began her acting career at the age of 12, has appeared in TV dramas, commercials and movies. Her most recent movie was “Innocent Lilies,” in which she co-starred with the Japanese pop idol group Dempagumi.inc. She is currently in California studying English to further her career. TJ’s editorial staff met with Hikari over lunch at the historic and charmingly cozy Arroyo Vista Inn in Pasadena, California to discuss her new movie, her career and future plans.

TJ: Can you tell us about your experience acting in “Innocent Lilies”?
TAKARA: It was very cool. It was a little bit sexy and I had so many action scenes. It was hard but it was really exciting.

TJ: Can you tell us about your character?
TAKARA: Her name is Nigera. She always wears a mask and is very quiet because her father cut her lips for being too noisy. She has a strong power. She fights with her heart and strong kick.

TJ: What was your favorite part about making the movie?
TAKARA: Doing the action scenes. I looked like I was very strong!

TJ: How was the experience of acting with Dempagumi?
TAKARA: This was my first time to meet them so I was really nervous. They are big personalities so I was surprised that they were so fun and friendly. I miss them and I still contact them from time to time.

TJ: You do a lot of action in your movies. Have you studied karate or any martial arts?
TAKARA: No, I haven’t.

TJ: Really? Who taught you how to punch?
TAKARA: My manager! It was difficult to learn. I had never punched a person before. Once my manager slapped me with a glove so I could practice the reaction to getting punched. I was really surprised and he was saying, “Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!” (Laughs.) It’s a little bit scary, but it’s fun.

TJ: Do you prefer filming movies, TV programs or commercials?
TAKARA: I prefer dramas because you’re with the same team for a longer time.

TJ: How did you first get started in your career?
TAKARA: In 2008 when I was 12 years old, I went to a HoriPro audition. Then in 2009 I debuted in a TV drama, “Uta no Onii-san.” I was really nervous because I was a fan of one of the actors Satoshi Ohno, who is the lead vocalist of the popular idol group Arashi.

TJ: What did they like about you during the audition?
TAKARA: I’m not sure but maybe they liked that I was young and I was brave. I was the first one to audition. During the audition, there was a glitch in their system and a small mishap but I just kept acting through it all. Maybe they liked that.

TJ: Were your parents supportive?
TAKARA: Yes, they were

TJ: How did you get the opportunity to come to the U.S.?
TAKARA: My agent told me that if I wanted to go to America I could go. They wanted me to improve my English and it was my dream so I came here.

TJ: Can you tell us about your home stay?
TAKARA: I’m staying with a host mother, host father and five daughters. Two of the daughters are similar in age to me: 16 and 19. The daughters talk so fast! But the mother talks more slowly, so I can understand. She cooks a lot of really good Mexican food. I also cook Japanese food for them like tempura.

TJ: What’s the favorite thing you’ve done since you came to the U.S.?
TAKARA: I went to the movie premiere of “Carrie.” I’m a big fan of the actress Chloë Moretz and I got to meet and have my picture taken with her!

TJ: What is your goal in the U.S.?
TAKARA: I want to improve my English and go to an acting audition here, but I can’t yet because my English isn’t good enough. I have to study more.

TJ: When will you go back to Japan and what will you do?
TAKARA: Next June or July. I’ll keep acting and studying English because I’m afraid I’ll forget English when I go back!

TJ: What is your lifelong dream?
TAKARA: Acting in Hollywood. If I become a famous actress, I’d like to buy a house for my parents. I’d also like to get married and have children. I like babies! tj

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