Volume 32. Issue #271


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1. Tokyo Street Editorial
What’s Up in Tokyo this Spring?
18. Discover Tokyo
A City of Endless Discovery
2. Fashion Design by Junko Koshino
Exclusive Interview Series
19. Cool Cars
TJ Spring 2013 Cool Car Award
3. 2013 Pritzker Prize Winner Toyo Ito
Exclusive Interview
20. On Tour with Bob Gruen
Tina Turner Photo Retrospective
4. Garrity’s Japan
Walking the Path of Basho
21. Korean Pop Stars Go Global
TVXQ! and Super Junior
5. Haiti President’s Historical Visit with His Imperial Majesty The Emperor
The Beginning of a Journey
22. Japan Entertainment News
Den of Horror & New J-Pop Singles
6. Inspiring Pride in Haitian Identity
Jeanguy Saintus & Ayikodans
23. Manga & Anime
2013 Anime Expo in L.A.
7. Movie Subtitling with Natsuko Toda
Exclusive Interview Series
24. How to Compete in the Global Market
Japan Business Expert Masakatsu Mori’s Insight
8. Tokyo Street Fashion
Harajuku Street Culture
25. Focusing on Japan’s Strengths
Cross-Border M&A Expert Yukuo Takenaka Speaks Out
9. Moments in Construction
Hiroyuki Suzuki Photography
26. David Nunan’s Global Classroom
Educating Sanjay
10. Travel Treasures
Featured International Hotel
27. Fukushima: A Global Issue
Nuclear Expert Dr. Hiroshi Tasaka
11. Tokyo Time Warp
Tokyo Fish Market Retrospective
28. Rethinking the MBA
Making Ethics the Central Theme
12. Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market
Visit World’s Largest Fish Market
29. Chavez and the World
The World Mourns Hugo Chavez
13. Sake Brewing
Legendary Morita Sake
30. Yoga on the Go
Fitting Yoga into your Daily Life
14. Mari’s Homemade Cooking Recipes
Become your own Sushi Roll Master
31. The Terrible Twos and Adolescence
A Parenting Expert’s Invaluable Advice
15. Sushi Pioneer Noritoshi Kanai
Exclusive Interview with the Man who Started the U.S. Sushi Bar Trend
32. Reinventing Diamond Yukai
From Vocalist to Actor to TV Celeb
16. Donald Richie Memorial Tribute
The Obituary and Tribute to one of Japan’s Most Prolific Foreign Writers
17.In Memoriam: Nagisa Oshima
Obituary & Exclusive Archived Interview


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