Volume 40. Issue #280


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1. Tokyo Journal Editorial
Inside this issue
19. Casting Director Yoko Narahashi
Hollywood & Japan film industries
2. The Tange Legacy
Architect Paul Tange on Kenzo & Olympics
20. Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia
Founder Tetsuya Bessho
3. Kyoto
Japan's cultural capital
21. J-flicks in the USA
U.S. releases of Japan-related films
4. Osaka
Japan's amazing “Water City”
22. Film Director Rempei Tsukamoto
Bento Harassment
5. Hotels in Tokyo
Reviews by Hollywood actors & a supermodel
23. L.A. Dodgers' Peter O'Malley
Ambassador of Japanese baseball
6. Four Seasons of Japan
Weather and what to wear
24. The Auto World's Jim Press
Toyota, Chrysler, Carlos Ghosn & int'l business
7. Awa Sparkling Sake
Is it champagne? No, it's sake with bubbles
25. Rakuten Expands Online Magazine Service
All-you-can-read magazines
8. Chef Nobu Matsuhisa
Broiled black cod with miso recipe
26. The Warlord and the Wimp
9. Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto
Tuna pizza with anchovy aioli recipe
27. MacArthur and Me
Peter Grilli's encounter with the U.S. General
10. Yakitori
Yumiko's homecooking recipe
28. Life after Hiroshima
Mike Kawamura: A survivor's dream for peace
11. Welcoming Foreigners
Musician Marty Friedman's advice for tourists
29. The Consequences of Nuclear Weapons
Hiroshima Survivor Hideko Tamura Snider
12. Study in Japan
Japanese language schools & Japanese higher ed.
30. Shadows (二ヵ国語)
Hiroyuki Suzuki's photographic poetry
13. Travel to Las Vegas
Where to stay
31. Being like a Rock in a Tea Garden (二ヵ国語)
Zen wind from Tasaka Juku
14. Rolling with Rola in L.A.
Japanese celebrity & model in California
32. Inclusion in Tokyo's Olympic Games
Yoshie Kris oversees accessibility of Olympic ceremonies
15. Japan House Los Angeles
Showcasing Japanese culture in L.A.
33. World's Greatest Athlete
Olympic Decathlon Champion Bryan Clay
J-pop supergroup
34. Yoga Lifestyle
Mudras – Hand seals for happiness
17. Dancer & Actor Naoki Kobayashi
From EXILE to Hollywood
35. Product Reviews
Staying at home in style
18. Director Naomi Kawase
rom Cannes to the Tokyo Olympics
36. Four Decades of Rock in Japan
Legendary rock photographer Bob Gruen's Japan pics


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