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Streetstyle Glamour Featured

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Tokyo Journal photographer Lola Rose captures the latest in street fashion in her photo column "Streetstyle Glamour."

Garrity's Japan

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Garrity's Japan

Finding My Way to Aomori

In 1957, I was stationed at a little known United States Air Force base in Chiba Prefecture. Shiroi Air Base was located near Matsudo City, about a 30-min- ute train ride from Ueno station in Tokyo.

Underground Music Spotlight

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3 By Design

THE California quartet 3 By Design is a modern hard rock band that channels a variety of sounds such as Shinedown, Alter Bridge, Alice in Chains, Sevendust and The Black Crowes. Formed in late 2013 by vocalist Jon Goodhue, guitarist Kevin “KJ” Hicklin, bassist Frank Mullis and drummer Kent Diimmel, the band demonstrates tight technical musicianship on their EP Under the Surface and strikes an instant chord with audiences during full-throttle live performances. When asked what makes them click, all of the band members agreed that it is their chemistry, both on and off the stage, and wide array of musical influences. Check out their video for “Shatter” and their EP on their website: www.3bydesign.net tj

Fukumi Shimura

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2014 Kyoto Prize Laureate Fukumi Shimura

Living National Treasure Seeks to Keep the Tradition of Dyeing and Weaving Alive

Fukumi Shimura is not only the 2014 Arts and Philosophy Kyoto Prize Laureate, but was also certified by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a Living National Treasure in 1990. Born in 1924 and currently living in Kyoto, Ms. Shimura is a dyeing and weaving artist who went from studying the beauty of tsumugi kimono to developing her own original style of the art using a colorful range of plant-dyed yarns. She now teaches the traditional folk craft to others with her daughter, Yoko. The Kyoto Prize, Japan’s highest private award for global achievement, was established by the Inamori Foundation in 1985 to honor those who have contributed signi cantly to the scientific, cultural and spiritual betterment of mankind. Ms. Shimura spoke with Tokyo Journal during her March 2015 visit to San Diego, California for the annual Kyoto Prize Symposium.

Garrity's Japan

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Garrity's Japan

Japanese Conformity

ANYONE who has spent time in Japan starts to notice something strange about the country. After a while, the strangeness becomes apparent — there is a great deal of conformity. Children wear uniforms to school. Tradesmen wear uniforms to identify their line of work. In fact, a uniform is a sign of status, which is a very important part of Japanese culture.

Travel to Hokkaido

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Whole-Wheat Spaghetti with Edamame Pesto

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Chef Ben Ford

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Sake & Wine Cultures in Japan

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Join the Night Shift

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Don’t Drop Out to Make it in the Music World.

Join the Night Shift.

Students of L.A.’s Citrus College Mega Band, Night Shift, Join the Pro Circuit

ONE of the biggest concerns with higher education today is whether graduates can find employment when they enter the “real world.”

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