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  • Wednesday, 01 February 2017 22:34
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Underground Music Spotlight Photographs by Kimo Friese

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3 By Design

THE California quartet 3 By Design is a modern hard rock band that channels a variety of sounds such as Shinedown, Alter Bridge, Alice in Chains, Sevendust and The Black Crowes. Formed in late 2013 by vocalist Jon Goodhue, guitarist Kevin “KJ” Hicklin, bassist Frank Mullis and drummer Kent Diimmel, the band demonstrates tight technical musicianship on their EP Under the Surface and strikes an instant chord with audiences during full-throttle live performances. When asked what makes them click, all of the band members agreed that it is their chemistry, both on and off the stage, and wide array of musical influences. Check out their video for “Shatter” and their EP on their website: www.3bydesign.net tj

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ANOTHER up-and-coming hard rock band is Blackwater, a trio of British lead singer and guitarist Jay Bartlett, formerly of Cervello and Counterpoint, with drummer Per Karlsson and bassist Peter Uven, both former April Divine members from Sweden. They have similar influences as 3 By Design, including Alter Bridge, Shinedown, Slash & Myles, Nickelback and Halestorm. Their River and Back Home EPs feature uplifting pop rock songs, and the band members are hard at work to release their first album, A Clockwork Mind. The band was one of eight featured in the 2015 Global Rock Summit in Los Angeles, and their song “By Day & By Night” was picked up by Cancer Research UK for a fundraising campaign. Check them out on their website: www.blackwater-official.com tj

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Kimo Friese

Tokyo Journal's Underground Culture Editor, Kimo Friese, was born in Hawaii, raised in Southern California, and has lived in various European countries. In 2012 he relocated from the Los Angeles area to Seattle, Washington, where he keeps his finger on the pulse of underground culture. Holding a Master's degree in Germanic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics from UCLA, Kimo speaks English, German, Dutch/Afrikaans, Russian, and French. He is experienced in creative writing, photography and film production. From the tip of his toes to his shirt collar, his body is a human tapestry of tattoo art and Kimo has rocked the Germanic underground world as vocalist and percussionist for the music group Autonome Radicalism Wrax.


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