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Grand Hyatt Seoul
Guest   October 30, 2013   0   38   0   0   0
Grand Hyatt Seoul The Grand Hyatt Seoul is a hot spot for foreign travelers to Korea. Built in 1978 and fully renovated since then, the hotel is at the...
The Westin Chosun
Guest   October 30, 2013   0   12   0   0   0
The Westin ChosunThe Westin Chosun Seoul is Korea’s first international hotel. This classic hotel was built in 1914 with the first running water, elevator and ice cream in the...
Westin Tokyo
Guest   October 30, 2013   0   1   0   0   0
Westin Tokyo “Preserving wellness in travel” is the goal of The Westin Tokyo. And that it does. The hotel is a luxurious European Classic/ Empire-style establishment combining French, Roman...
Nippon Seinenkan Hotel
Guest   October 30, 2013   0   9   0   0   0
Nippon Seinenkan Hotel The Nippon Seinenkan Hotel is a great choice for people traveling to Tokyo on a budget. This simple and clean hotel is at the heart of...
Art Biotop
Guest   October 30, 2013   0   1   0   0   0
Reconnect with nature, get in touch with your creative side, release the stress inflicted by everyday life and heal yourself. For an exquisite excursion outside of Tokyo,...
Fuji-Hakone Guest House
Guest   October 30, 2013   0   32   0   0   0
Fuji-Hakone Guest HouseFor a weekend excursion out of Tokyo, I recommend the Fuji- Hakone Guest House in Hakone, a mountainous town to the south of the capital . You...
Seikai Yamanaka Lake Side Hotel
Guest   October 30, 2013   0   1   0   0   0
Seikei Yamanaka Lake Side HotelIf you come to Tokyo and you’re looking for a weekend excursion that includes seeing Mount Fuji, an inexpensive lakeside hotel to consider is Seikei...
King Pacific Lodge
Guest   October 30, 2013   0   36   0   0   0
Accessible only by floatplane, a luxurious floating lodge operates for four months a year in the heart of British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest, one of the last untouched corners...
Aloft is Alift for the Senses
TJ   September 25, 2013   0   11   0   0   0
As I walked into the lobby of the Aloft Downtown Dallas hotel, I wasn’t expecting much out of the ordinary in this historic-looking, factory-type building in downtown Dallas. But...
TJ   September 24, 2013   0   6   0   0   0
FOR a trendy stay while visiting the historic U.S. capital, consider the Aloft National Harbor or Aloft Dulles North hotels. The hotel chain’s core values are sassy, savvy and...
10 results - showing 1 - 10  
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