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Guest   October 30, 2013  
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Art Biotop

Reconnect with nature, get in touch with your creative side, release the stress inflicted by everyday life and heal yourself.

For an exquisite excursion outside of Tokyo, I recommend Art Biotop NASU, a quiet creative art hotel (B & B) surrounded by nature in the lush and beautiful Yokozawa area, area is also attracting attention as an art village, with art-related facilities including the event stage Kagami, the Kankikan Multipurpose Hall and Niki Club, one of the most famous healing resorts in Japan. Biotop means a “biome” or “habitat” in German. It is also the name of an ecological movement to re-establish a regional ecosystem by reviving vegetation and reintroducing insects and small animals. Beh ind this , lies a long tradition of German Romanticism, whi ch celebrates nature as a source of art. Its roots come f rom a desire to forge a cultural renaissance by restoring lost natural habitats and cultural strength. Part of Art Biotop's philosophy is the aim to bring nature back to an area where habitats were destroyed during the post-war p eriod of economic growth. Art Biotop was bo rn as a nursery given to this B&B in the hope that people would gather in this wonderful environment, surrounded by undisturbed nature, perfect for gaining a rtistic inspiration an d goal of Art Biotop is to make a contribution to the development of Japan's art and culture.

Studio Ceramic / Glass
Art Biotop NASU has ceramics and glass studios where guests can enjoy a full creative expe- - shops can be joined by beginners and experts alike. You can learn how to create ceramic pieces using a casting technique, how to shape objects on the electric/hand wheel, and how to handform pieces. At the glass studio, on the other hand, you can experience the fascinating craft of glass making. You can try a wide range of techniques including glass blowing, sand casting, lamp work, slumping, fusing, grinding, and sand blasting to create your work of art.

Workshop / AIR
Art Biotop supports artists and academics working with ceramics and glass-making with the goal of providing an opportunity for artists to meet and gain inspiration, and for visitors to gain a rich cultural experience. workshops by renowned artists who specialize are open to art-lovers who are looking to escape from the noise of a busy city and lose themselves in creative activities while engaging in a unique cultural exchange.

Beyond being an oasis for relaxation, what makes Art Biotop special to me is that visitors are united through the common culture of art and crafts. I especially appreciate the opportunity to be able to view the various pieces of art that have been created at Art Biotop.

The rooms are decorated in calming white, and furnished with simple and elegant furniture with extremely comfortable beds. For those wishing to explore the gorgeous area, Art Biotop is an ideal base.

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