Volume 35. Issue #277


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1. Tokyo Street Editorial
Inside this issue
22. Legendary Rock Photographer Bob Gruen
From John Lennon to Green Day
2. China’s Biggest Fashion Show (二ヵ国語)
Junko Koshino’s fashion in Beijing
23. Rock Photographer Mick Rock
The Man Who Shot the Seventies
3. Harajuku Fashion Walk
The kawaii catwalk
24. L.A.’s Entrepreneurial Photographer Brad Elterman
Introducing Western rock, pop and punk pics to Japan
4. Chiaki
TV celeb talks about children’s app
25. Donald Richie’s Some Autumn Days
Japan expert shares his exciting encounters
5. Streetstyle Glamour
Some serious street thread
26. Through the Eyes of Yankelovich
Challenging the economist worldview
6. Akira Kurosawa’s Legacy
Exclusive interview with Hisao Kurosawa
27. Dr. Rod Ellis
World-acclaimed applied linguist helps pioneer online education
7. Big Hero 6
Japan-influenced Oscar Winner
28. David Nunan’s Global Classroom
Instructor or educator: what’s the difference
8. Nobel Physics Laureate
Shuji Nakamura on his blue LED
29. Haitian Art
Fusing styles of art
9. The Future of Education in Japan (二ヵ国語)
Japan’s Minister of Education
30. Surviving Nepal
Photojournalist recounts horrific disaster
10. Consul General of Japan, Los Angeles
Harry Horinouchi on China, Japan & US
31. Tool for Needs (二ヵ国語)
The drama of destruction and creation
11. Conductor Carl St.Clair
A quarter century with Pacific Symphony
32. Japanese National Tea Ceremony Treasures
Tea ceremony grandmaster visits L.A.
12. Kyoto Prize Laureate
Fukumi Shimura, a living national treasure
33. Mari’s Homemade Cooking Recipes
Inari zushi, shiitake tsukudani & chakin zushi
13. Cosplay Conventions
Cosplayers in Tokyo & L.A.
34. L.A.: Birthplace of the Nuevo Taco
Chef Ben Ford’s Korean-style taco recipe
14. Chicchai Ossan
Regional mascot boom
35. Spaghetti with Pesto & Garlic Shrimp
Daniela Ingrosso’s Italian pasta recipe
15. WagakkiBand
Fusing east and west with old and new
36. Garrity’s Japan
Revising Roppongi
16. VAMPS(二ヵ国語)
Japanese rock phenoms HYDE and K.A.Z
37. Where to Stay in Toronto
Toronto’s top hotels
17. MIYAVI: The Samurai Guitarist
Making music and movie magic
38. Innovations and Inventions
Japan’s technological advances
18. Apocalyptica
Classical cello metal maestros
39. Marie Kondo
Japanese organizing innovator
19. Blondie
Bob Gruen’s Debbie Harry photo retrospective
40. Parenting with Lorraine
It’s not fair: parenting children of different ages
20. Whisky a Go Go & Rainbow Bar and Grill
L.A.’s legendary home of rock and roll
41. Lifestyles
Red or green light: flirting boundaries
21. Underground Music Spotlight
3 By Design and Blackwater
42. Yoga Lifestyle
Relaxation strategies


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