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How to Kusa-Mochi (Japanese Mugwort Monchi with Anko)


• 200g of joshinko (fine rice flour)
• 20g sugar
• 200cc warm water (adjust the amount depending on the humidity)

(A) 2 Tablespoons of yomogi powder (mugwort powder)
(A) 2 Tablespoons of water

1. Place the (A)s in a cup. Place the joshinko and sugar in the other bowl, then add the warm water little by little until it becomes earlobe texture.
2. Separate the dough into small pieces and then steam for 20 minutes.
3. When the dough becomes clear, place it in a bowl with the yomogi powder. Pound the dough with a wooden spatula, then knead the dough by hand until it cools down a little.

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Written By:

Mari Nameshida

Tokyo Journal columnist Mari Nameshida is a Japanese cooking instructor, Chinese herbal medicine advisor, Registered Nurse, and a food lover. It is her hope that through her Cooking with Mari classes, her blog and this column that people from around the world will gain a better understanding of Japanese culture through gaining an appreciation of Japanese food.


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