Home Makeover Spotlight II

  • Sunday, 26 October 2014 00:51
Home Makeover Spotlight II Photo by Michelle C. Torres-Grant

Home Makeover Spotlight II

Interior: Sharp Shades and Beautiful Blinds

As this California home has large windows with views of the pool in the front and a hilltop scenery at the side and back, the owners faced the challenge of selecting window coverings that would restrict direct sunlight during peak hours without blocking the magnificent views.

Front French Doors: 2” Wood Blinds (Rich Mahogany)
Good Housekeeping Wood Blinds added a warm and traditional look to the French doors, creating a clean and classic feel to the living room. With 2” slats, these blinds are versatile, letting in as much or as little light as required. The Rich Mahogany color in this choice matched the doors perfectly. The 100% basswood blinds also are available in warm white and rich stain colors. They fit windows measuring 12-86” in width and 12-120” in height.

Side and Back Windows: Woven Wood Shades
Woven Wood Shades by Good Housekeeping were the perfect choice. When lowered their simple style allows sunlight in without blocking the view. These see-through shades are available in a variety of beautiful, natural materials, and come with blackout liners. They fit windows measuring 8-120” in width and 12-108” in height.

Bedrooms: Designer Wood Shutters
High quality wood shutters with old-world craftsmanship were selected for the bedrooms as they provide total privacy. Hand-built with a hardwood core, they are available either painted or stained, and fit windows measuring 8-96” in width and height. The Designer Wood Shutters in this home are in Blanco.

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