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Design Festa Photographs courtesy of Design Festa

Design Festa

There is more to Design Festa than Meets the Eye

The International Art Event Design Festa, known as Design Festa, is a large biannual convention focusing on art, performance, fashion and music. Tokyo Journal discussed the event with Design Festa’s overseas public relations coordinator, Sarah Feinerman.

TJ: Can you tell us about Design Festa and what kind of events you organize?
FEINERMAN: Design Festa is an art and performance event for anyone and everyone. I actually kind of hesitate to refer to it as an “art” event, as labeling something as artistic can give the exact impression of exclusiveness and cliquishness that Design Festa was founded to demolish. You do not have to be an art aficionado, an experienced artist or even have the slightest interest in the world of contemporary Japanese art in order to have a fantastic time at Design Festa. There is certainly a lot of artwork, and if seeing the world of Japanese art evolve before your eyes is something you are interested in, then you will certainly find your calling here. But with the music, live performances, cuisine and sheer volume of people from all walks of life that we welcome at each event, there is absolutely something for everyone. In August of 2014, we introduced our newest international, original art event, All Student Art Festival GAKUTEN. As Design Festa increases in size with each subsequent event, we quite simply outgrew our venue. Unfortunately, Tokyo Big Sight is already the largest convention center in Japan. With each volume of Design Festa, we receive thousands of applications and we were forced to turn away hundreds of potential exhibitors, veterans and first-time artists alike — completely contrary to our efforts to provide all possible support to anyone and everyone with something original to express. We decided to double our efforts to encourage those individuals who need more support than anyone: student artists. That was the foundation upon which All Student Art Festival GAKUTEN was formed.

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