Cover-It-All-Up Kimono!

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Cover-It-All-Up Kimono!

Saving the Sexy

People who are not intimately familiar with Japan’s traditional female kimono may never have thought of these cover-everything-up garments as particularly sexy, but they are. Even the most die-hard take-it-all-off advocates cannot deny the influence of kimono on both the women who wear them and the libido of males who view them.

The first step in converting full or nearly full-exposure die-hards to an appreciation of the seductive appeal of the kimono is to remind them that total exposure of the female body eventually results in a loss of its seductive powers.

In ancient times, the Japanese learned that mystery and imagination are far more powerful sexual turn-ons than complete exposure of the body, and until recent times this knowledge was reflected in their apparel as well as in other areas of their life, including communal bathing.

The early Japanese, especially sensually oriented because of their Shinto beliefs, did not limit the seductive powers of the form-fitting kimono by concealing the physical charms of the female form. They used colors and design elements to further enhance the sensual appeal of these garments. tj

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Boyé Lafayette De Mente

Boy Lafayette De Mente has been involved with Asia since the late 1940s as a member of a U.S. intelligence agency, journalist and editor. He is former Associate Publisher and currently a regular columnist of the Tokyo Journal. He is a graduate of University in Tokyo, Japan and Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona, USA. In addition to books on the business practices, social behavior and languages of China, Japan, Korea and Mexico he has written extensively about the plague of male dominance and the moral collapse of the U.S. and the Western world in general.


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