Volume 31. Issue #270


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1. Tokyo Street Editorial
Japan Veteran Kjeld Duits Shares His Insight
18. David Nunan's Global Classroom
Learning from our Students
2. Fashion Design by Junko Koshino
19. Haitian Culture & Politics
A Haitian Perspective
3. Tokyo Chic
A Global Trend
20. Yoga & Wellness Advocate Judit Torok
Yoga is for Everyone
4. Tokyo Street Fashion
See What's Hot in Harajuku
21. Parenting with Lorraine
Showing Respect While Staying in Charge
5. Tokyo Time Warp
Ginza: Then and Now
22. Feature Story:
Japan’s Seven International Samurai
Japanese Pioneers Who Impacted the
6. Luxurious EcoTourism
Dream Vacation in the Great Bear Rainforest
23. Editor's Insight
Globalizing the Art of Haiku
7. Movie Subtitling with Natsuko Toda
24. Inventor Dr. Yoshiro NakaMats
His Astonishing Story
8. Harajuku vs. Venice Beach
See Which Town Wins the Crown
25. Tokyo Weekend Excursions
TJ's Recommended Weekend Stays Near Tokyo
9. English in Japan’s Workplace
Rakuten & Uniqlo Globalize Japan
26. Where to Stay in Tokyo
Suggestions for All Budgets
10. Korean Band Fad Goes Global
K-Pop Hits U.S. Market
27. Where to Stay in Seoul
TJ's Top Two Choices
11. Tattoo Culture Takes Hold
See who is Getting Tatted Down
28. Terrie’s Outtakes
What Will Happen to Panasonic and Sony?
12. On Tour with Bob Gruen
Legendary Rock & Roll Photographer
29. Featured Anime Expert
Anime Producer Koji Takeuchi Interview
13. Moments in Construction
by Photographer Hiroyuki Suzuki
30. Anime Goes Global
L.A.'s Anime Expo & Tijuana's Com Com! and Japonawa
14. Masakatsu Mori on Japanese Business
Interview with Former Accenture Japan Chairman
31. Sustainability & Green Living
Are E-Books Sustainable?
15. Through the Eyes of Yankelovich
Social Mobility & The American Dream
32. Peace Boat Sails the Seas for Peace
Interview with its Founder
16. The Nuclear Crisis
Nuclear Expert Dr. Hiroshi Tasaka On Fukushima
33. Crossword Puzzle
Places & Landmarks in Tokyo
17.Japan’s Anti-Nuclear Demonstrations March On
A Glimpse at Anti-Nuclear Protests


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