A New Place

There is nothing like the first morning in a new, foreign place. At first it seems like any other morning; I’m half asleep and my body and mind has no recollection of the journey last night. Then the magical moment happens. Usually it’s an unfamiliar sound that jolts me out of my dozing state. Where am I? It can take a second before my mind manages to grab the memories. Then it all comes back to me. I feel a surge of joy rush through me. The best part is yet to come. I sink happily back into the pillows and let the cascade of foreign sensations seep in.

Everything is different from back home. The bed, the room, furniture and colors are all different. Even the texture of the sheet gives my skin an unfamiliar sensation. But the immediate surroundings are seldom what excite me. My focus stretches outside. I blend the sounds, scents and what I can glimpse through the window with my imagination.

I can lie there forever and dream about the day awaiting me. I make plans of what to see, dream up scenarios with people I might meet and fantasize about what food and restaurants I will find to thrill my appetite. I scratch the plans and start all over. Part of the fun is that I know it’s impossible to make solid plans. This place is new and my imagination is just that, imagination. I am totally aware that the day will start and create itself when I step out of the hotel. But still, what joy it is to feel the anticipation of the events ahead creeping into every cell and fiber of my body.

The first steps out from the hotel often set the tone of the day. Sometimes I find myself looking at a map to find whatever place I have preplanned to see. Other times, and those are usually my favorites, I just start to walk and let the day unravel. Strolling down streets, looking at buildings and taking a random bus to look for interesting neighborhoods. When I find a cute coffee place or café I sit down to my absolute favorite pastime: people watching. I can sit through a coffee or two just looking. I make up stories of where the people are going, what professions they have, if the couple walking by is happy or just had a huge fight. Does the businessman in the tailored suit have a different side to him on weekends? He might be the wildest heavy metal fan and hide tattoos under his shirt. What if his hobbies are a bit kinky? I find myself blushing and gaze down as he kindly smiles when he passes by. Did he read my mind?

I love days like this. They feel fulfilling yet relaxed, inspirational and effortless.

This morning I was in my own bed at home. I daydreamed about some of the trips I've had and some I'd like to go on in the future. Then an unfamiliar sound jolted me. What was that? Suddenly I felt the excitement and joy I know so well from being in foreign places. That got me wondering. Who determined if a day is going to follow a regular routine or be an exciting, open and flowing day? Who said I had to be in another country to put myself in the wonderfully free, drifting, happy and inspired mode? What if I just decided whenever I wanted one of those days wherever I was? So today has been an experiment. I have been a "new" visitor in my hometown. As I left my house I took off in the opposite direction of what I usually do. I jumped the first tram I found. I got off at an unfamiliar station. What a fabulous day to wander around. I walked past nice or at least different buildings and then past a park with a wonderful bench under an old magical tree and there on the corner was just what I was looking for. I found a perfect coffee place. I have been sitting here for a while now. I'm sure the cute old lady by the entrance has a crush on the old man that just walked by. He stopped, tipped his hat, smiled and said something to her before the dog pulled him along. She gazed after him with a sweet softness. I'm sure... tj

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Written By:

Bianca Schmidt

Tokyo Journal columnist Bianca Schmidt is a psychotherapist and sexologist who writes a column in Norway's largest newspaper VG and in the gestalt psychotherapy magazine. The Oslo, Norway native came up with the idea for the development and cast of a TV documentary about transgender issues. In 2010, the program won the Gullruten, the Norwegian equivalent of the Emmy Award. That same year, the series won the Gay Award in Norway. Bianca is quoted as a specialist on psychological and relational issues by newspapers, magazines and TV programs in Norway, and also makes appearances as an inspirational speaker on a wide range of topics. In 1997, Bianca founded the Gestaltsenter in Oslo, where she still meets clients. She has a passion for making a positive shift and difference in people's lives.


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