Hiroshi Tamaki

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Interview with Hiroshi Tamaki

Hiroshi Tamaki is a popular Japanese actor, singer, and model from Nagoya, Japan. He has acted in Japanese films and TV dramas, served as host of the 2012 reboot of the television cooking competition “Iron Chef ”, recorded a number of albums and singles as a singer, and performed in concerts throughout Asia. He made his debut in the drama “Am I Weird?” in 1998 and gained recognition with his appearance in the 2001 film “Waterboys”.

TJ: Which takes more energy, singing or acting?
TAMAKI: When singing and acting, I am a messenger, but both require a different approach. While I express myself as a 34-year-old artist, I become someone else when acting. They have factors in common, but they can be very different.

TJ: How did you first get into acting?
TAMAKI: I had been interested in acting since I was young. I did a lot of auditions to find an agent, but was eventually scouted.

TJ: Did you go to an acting school?
TAMAKI: No, I didn’t. I learned on-the-job.

TJ: You’ve worked in film and television. Which do you prefer and why?
TAMAKI: Both are interesting. A movie has only one script, but a TV drama normally has more than 10 scripts because it changes along the way. TV dramas require you to act instantaneously, while films require more thinking. TV dramas can be more difficult because of time restraints.

TJ: You have performed at concerts in South Korea and Hong Kong. Were the audiences there different from Japanese audiences? If so, how?
TAMAKI: Japanese fans are rather modest, but the people in South Korea and in Hong Kong are so powerful.

TJ: Where else do you want to perform?
TAMAKI: If I have the chance I would like to hold concerts or shoot movies in Los Angeles or New York.

TJ: You became well known for your role as a synchronized swimmer in the movie “Waterboys”. Do you still swim and if so, how often?
TAMAKI: I used to swim every day between the ages of 4 and 13, but now I don’t swim so often.

TJ: What are your hobbies?
TAMAKI: Photography and scuba diving.

TJ: Have you composed original songs?
TAMAKI: Yes, just one. But it has not been released yet.

TJ: What kind of movie are you working on now?
TAMAKI: “It All Began When I Met You” will hit the screen on November 22, 2013. It is a love story omnibus with a theme of encounters, featuring actors such as Rin Takanashi, Fumino Kimura and Masahiro Higashide. It was filmed in Tokyo.

TJ: What is your daily routine?
TAMAKI: Boxing, jogging and sometimes taking photographs.

TJ: Do you study English?
TAMAKI: I want to do my best, but I have no time for that right now.

TJ: What has been your proudest achievement?
TAMAKI: I don’t know because it will be decided by others, not by myself. I admire experienced people. Maybe in 20 or 30 years, I will be more experienced and have an answer.

TJ: What is your dream?
TAMAKI: The world is becoming borderless, so I want to be a worldwide entertainer.

TJ: What advice would you give to young actors or singers starting out in their careers?
TAMAKI: People tend to lose track of their dreams, so please don’t forget your faith.

TJ: Do you have any message for your fans?
TAMAKI: I will do my best to communicate Japanese beauty through different media, including the Internet. tj

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