Issue #247: Summer 2003


kabuki versus hollywood
the right thing
samurai special
takasugi shinsaku —
“to think while on the run!”
kabuki versus hollywood
different demands
kidney moneymakers

kidney moneymakers
human organ farm

free gifts
the greenpeace story; beating around the bush


japan's first gaijin mp

japan’s first gaijin mp
coming in from the cold

loose lips
what the japanese are saying
tokyo faces - yanagibashi
tokyo faces

peace of mind in one or two weeks

helicopter ride
rising above it all

spiral/wacoal art center
spiral/wacoal art center
interview with tsutomu okada

film reviews
all or nothing
far from heaven
8 mile
maid in manhattan
about schmidt
events calendar
where do you want to go today?

music heads
fuji rock festival and summer sonic

cd reviews
555 recordings compilation — 555cd55
susumu yokota — overhead
jairamji — kindred spirit

book review (bilingual)
bush in wonderland

modern tea ceremony (bilingual)
don’t lose this article
finding your way through tokyo’s “lost and found”


from schools to housing to services

modern tea ceremony (bilingual)
green tea for the 21st century
foundation stones
book reviews
japanese movie posters
secrets of the ninja
cosplay girls

foundation stones
history in Meiji Mura

hand-crafted movie posters

predictions and predilections


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