Issue #264: Summer 2008

Enter the poco
Ueno Zoo
Where the wild things are
In the Out Islands
Now Treating yourself to retreats beyond Okinawa
Tohoku Summer Festivals
Where the nights are heating up
Go, Michael, Go
The game of Go going global
Birth, Death and Rebirth
Eye on Harajuku: Up Close
Dressed to thrill
Alpine Hiking—Japanese Style
Where to shop before you drop

Internal-External Pain

Harakiri vs running amok
Tokyo: Epicenter of Brand
Where to shop before you drop

Green Lantern
Watching your poco line

Ono-Ha Ittoryu
Cutting-edge swordmanship
Film Reviews
Tsukigi Uogashi Sandaime
Gururi no Koto (All Around Us)
Haru yo Koi, Sky Crawlers
Gakeno Ue no Ponyo
Hiroshima International Animation Festival

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