Issue #259: Spring 2007


Steve McCurry
Spring in Japan
Season of wind and flowers
Steve McCurry snaps Asia
Interview with the top photographer of a
Shunsuke Nakamura
The ‘footballing firefly’ lights up the Scottish
The Whale Wars
The Whale Wars
Whalers and anti-whalers go
head-to-head in Antarctic seas
Death of a Whale
Greenpeace photographer Jeremy
Sutton-Hibbert in the wake
of the whalers

Stop Blubbering About Whales
Whaling expert Shigeko Misaki explains
the case for whaling



National Art Center Tokyo
The Culture of Comfort
The perfect pad for your Tokyo high life
National Art Center Tokyo

Architectural legend Kisho Kurokawa

introduces his latest masterpiece
Club Review
The tantalizing World of Tantra
Focus on Shibuya
From ‘bitter valley’ to schoolgirl heaven

Tokyo Landmark

The national gymnasium
The National Gymnasium
Through the Wall of Fools
Japan’s most popular philosopher
explains his philosophy

Soul Flower Mononoke Summit
Rockers from the rubble go rootsy


The Matsugane Potshot Affair/
Dororo/ Mushishi (Bugmaster)/
Ryu Ga Gotoku: Gekijo-ban/
Sakebi (Retribution)

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