Issue #258: Winter 2006

The Belly of an Architect
Toyo Ito finding inspiration in a ‘loose
Japan’s Crystal Winter
Musings and art inspired by the coldest
Homes of the Homeless
How Tokyo’s homeless make the   best of a
bad situation
Christmas Message
From the archbishop of Tokyo
Roppongi Area Focus
The ever changing heart of an ever
changing city

Tokyo Landmark
The Tokyo Tower

The Noppon Brothers
Tokyo Tower’s terrible twins

Bar Bourbon Street


Comfort in the City
Takanawa Executive Suite Apartments
Freemasonry in Japan

The mysterious ‘craft’ divulge a few secrets

Beijing Spring?
China’s revolutionary art ghetto
Season’s Greetings from Kim Jong II
What North Korea’s colorful dictator is
really playing at

Summer Film Festivals
Faces of a fig tree (Ichijiku no kao)
Conversations with Other Women
Murder of the Inugami Clan
Love and Honor / Bushi no ichibun
Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story


Horrorscope + Free Gifts

  tokyo kaleidoscope

Staff Continued

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