Moments in Construction

Moments in Construction

by H. Suzuki

TJ: What aspects of photography do you like the most and the least?
SUZUKI: The most – it mirrors the creator. The least: it mirrors the creator. What I like the most is it reflects the thoughts of the photographer. On the other hand, what I like the least is it reflects the thoughts of the creator, despite his or her intention.

TJ: Can you tell us about your recent projects?
SUZUKI: The construction sites of the Otemachi Tower in Marunouchi, Tokyo; the Yokohama Kanjyo Kita Line of Metropolitan Expressway Company, and the Tohoku-Jyukan Line of East Japan Railway Company (now called the ‘Ueno-Tokyo line’).

TJ: You had an exhibition of your photos of Grand Central Terminal in New York. What do you like about New York?
SUZUKI: There was good chemistry between the city and the photographs.

TJ: 写真の最も嫌いな点と好きな点を教えてください。
スズキ: 良いところ:作り手の鏡、悪いところ:作り手の鏡。 良いところは写真家の意識が写真に投映されるとこであり、悪いところは意識せず作り手の意識が 写真に投映されてしまうところ

TJ: 最近のプロジェクトについて教えてください。
スズキ: 丸の内大手町タワー建設関連現場、首都高速横浜環状北線建設現場、東北縦貫線建設工事 現場

TJ: グランドセントラルで写真展を開催されたということですが、NY の好きな点を教えてください。
スズキ: 写真の似合う街 tj

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Written By:

Hiroyuki Suzuki

Producer, Author and Photographer Hiroyuki Suzuki has produced many Junko Koshino Fashion Collections in Paris, Beijing, New York and the opening dinner event of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in 2008. A Tokyo Journal columnist, he is also the author of Yuki et Maria, which is the sequel to the opera Madam Butterfly, I Am Myself Promise and A Moment. He began his career as a photographer in 2006 and the core concept of his photography is A Moment. He has photographed construction sites around the world including the Metro of Dubai, Tokyo International Airport, the Tokyo Gate Bridge, the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway and the renovation of Tokyo Train Station. His photograph exhibitions have been held in Washington, D.C., Shanghai, Beijing and numerous locations throughout Japan.


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