Osaka - The Danjiri Festival, Kishiwada

Osaka - The Danjiri Festival, Kishiwada Hot

Guest   November 30, 2013  
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Kishiwada City is in southern Osaka. It has developed as a castle town since Kishiwada Castle, also called Chigiri, was built in the 16th century.

It is famous for the Kishiwada Danjiri matsuri Festival held in the fall. The main event of the Danjiri-matsuri Festival is the dashing of the mikoshi, or portable shrine, on a 4-ton wooden cart the wheels of which are called Danjiri and which is pulled by 500 to 1000 men, through the streets of Kishiwada. It is called "yarimawashi". When the mikoshi turns the corner at full speed, it is a most powerful and exciting scene to watch.

Courtesy of the Japan Tourism Association, Kishiwada City, The Association for Promotion and Development of Tourism, Kishiwada City, and Ookitacho


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