Issue #266: Spring 2009

Did Otzi gorge on eggs?
All Wrapped Up
The Japanese art of wrapping
Kumano Kodo
Pilgrimage into Japan’s spiritual heartland

The Big Pitch
Former Tokyo standout having a ball
Filming Abroad
Zainichi Korean is seriously tripping
Silent Comedy
Japanese mime duo takes country by storm
History of the Metacity
Tokyo: A book review

The Milk Run
Illusionary velocity
The Okinawa Effect
Living healthy, living longer


The Ikebana Rebel
Freestyle flower arranging
Confessions of a Fraudster
Scamming the gullible

Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto-ryu
The cutting edge of swordmanship
Japanese movie reviews
Yatterman, Rain Fall, Buy a Suit, Goemon
Free Gifts
It doesn’t get more free than this


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