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F i.n.t & an another angelus

F i.n.t and an another angelus

Going global with retro girly fashion

Free International’s clothing brands F i.n.t, F i.n.t Cherry, dé cora F i.n.t, an another angelus, Patti Pucci, Pink Pop Panic and DUDE DO target different age groups and are inspired by fashion of different eras, while Free marche is their stylish giftware brand. Established in 1984 in Nagoya, Japan, the fashion company Free International designs, manufactures and sells women’s clothing and fashion accessories. Their clothing is available through department stores such as Lumine and Parco as well as F i.n.t and an another angelus shops throughout Japan and in Hong Kong. Customers overseas can shop online at for stylish vintage clothing and timeless designs. Tokyo Journal met with Free International’s president Masahiko Kuzuya and shop staff to find out about their vintage themed clothing business and elegant giftware endeavors.

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Tokyo Street Fashion/Harajuku

Tokyo Journal Street Photographer Malgorzata Dittmar hits the streets with her lens to see what's hot in Harajuku

The complete article can be found in Issue #276 of the Tokyo Journal. Click here to order from Amazon.

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The Japanese Test of Communication (JTOC) - pronounced "Jay-talk" is a 200-question Japanese language proficiency exam.                              


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